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 ~ Established in November of 1995, from the village of Lucas, OH... with their first appearance (as Yellow No. 5) being at an open stage Jam Night hosted by Frank Medley in Mansfield, OH.

~ The Founding Line-Up was: Jeremy Lucas (Guitar/Vocals) - Darrin Cuthbertson (drums) - Brad Porter (Bass/Support Vocals). These boys were the leftovers from 2 other bands: Snow n' Lightning and PipeDream. The latter disbanded when their singer moved to Raleigh, NC. However, before that, PipeDream was a 5pcs act and became the "Friday" house band for a very prominent 90's club after cutting their teeth for a few shows where they were compensated only with beer and bottles of liquor. At the time, only one member of the band (the vocalist) was 21. They did a few shows in North Carolina at the end of 1994 a few Ohio shows in 1995, then the PipeDream was dissolved. Members were able to pass a demo to Dick Clark, but his response was close to this, "I'm at a loss of what words to share with your talented group other than it's just not what we're looking for at this time".

~ During the PipeDream days, the band had a friend named Fred. Fred said, "If I ever had a band or a club, I'd name it Yellow No. 5 because that sh!t is in everything man". 

~ The Yellow No. 5 line-up has changed at least 11 times since 1995 (including some members switching from drums to guitar).

~ Early band rehearsal spaces included: garages, a body shop, basements, bedrooms and even a spare dining room (in a duplex that Jeremy and Darrin shared).

~ The first YN5 song was named, "I Feel"

~ The first YN5 song to gain royalty checks and airplay in the US and Canada was, of course, "Cosmic Riddles".

~ The first van, actually purchased by the band, was bought for about $875 and was a 1969 Ford Econoline named, "The Happy Van". It was a camper conversion that the guys un-converted back into a cargo van. The interior was adorned with curtains and several writings from fans and band members. The exterior back doors were completely full of decals. It failed to start one night in Wooster, OH after Jeremy used it to haul his race car. He then sold it to the track maintenance guy and left without it.

~ The YN5 van with the most touring miles... a 1994 Dodge Ram B3500 Wagon. This van was a rebuilt salvage vehicle and served the band for many years. The last trip for this van ended with coolant spewing all over the highway. It was never known for sure if it was a water pump or something less serious. It was sold to Tucker Bros. Auto Wrecking for about $350 with the band keeping the battery for their next, used van. The frame was rotting anyways.

~ In 2003, the band was signed to an independent label. After the record was released, things didn't go as planned. The band hired an entertainment lawyer and found a way to buy out of the contract in order to keep full control and commissions from the albums sold.

~ In the space between 2004 and 2005, there was a stretch where the boys quit their day jobs and relied heavily on the band for their entire livelihood. This was also during a US and Canadian tour which involved some sleeping in the van and cheap motel rooms.

~ In 1999, the band was mistakenly booked and promoted as country music during the Ashland County Fair. The show went great and the band was paid in full.

~ About the first van again... One night after performing in Ashland, OH at Club 42 in the 2000's, a band member convinced his girlfriend to ram it into an already demolished, demo derby car that was parked in a lot neighboring the venue at about 2:30am. Until it could be bent back, the fender made a rubbing noise on the way to Denny's. 

~ In 1999, Jeremy had to quit a factory job to perform 3 shows in Daytona and Ormond Beach during Spring Break '99. The band, LEN, was also in town recording their video for "Steal My Sunshine". 

~ Yellow No. 5 coordinated several micro-tours and hosted bands from England, Germany, Canada and America.

~ During a tour stop in Toronto, Canada... the band lost their bassist over night. After scooping him up the next day, Yellow No. 5 raced back to Ohio and arrived within just minutes of thier next scheduled appearance.

~ In 2004, Yellow No. 5 accepted endorsement deals from Jagermeister and Curt Mangan Guitar Strings.

~ In the early 2000's, Yellow No. 5 signed contracts with MTV regarding songs from their first full length release, including "Cosmic Riddles" and "Rubber Room", for use in commercials and episodes for the show, "UndressedThe series was created and produced by British director Roland Joffe and lasted 6 Seasons.

~ Following a Hard Rock Cafe show in Detroit, the band decided that Windsor would be on the way to Buffalo, NY. Upon arriving in Windsor, the van was flagged off to the side and exhaustively searched by border patrol/customs. After being released, a trip to the casino would yield a nice jackpot for James (the then current bassist). While en route across Canada to Buffalo, the roads became rural which forced the band to sleep while parked at the petrol pump until the station opened for business the next morning.

~ In 2004, the Yellow No. 5 song, "Feel This" was licensed to an agency for use in a Toyota Commercial for the FJ Cruiser promoting the Annual Sea Otter Classic Mountain Bike Race in Monterey, CA.

~ Following a show in Nashville, TN the night before, Yellow No. 5 performed in Atlanta at the Hard Rock Cafe. There were 3 record labels in attendance and the A&R guy from Atlantic Records told Jeremy, "I didn't want to be you and I didn't want to f@ck you, those are two vibes that a lead singer needs to give off."